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Q: Can I bring in my own food?

A: No, due to a Bloomington city health code we cannot allow any outside food/beverage inside the water park. Any guests found with outside food/beverage will be asked to pack it up and bring it back outside.

Birthday parties may NOT bring birthday cake into the park.

Q: Do you provide towels?

A: Towels are available to our guests in the towel stand located next to First Aid; limited to one towel per guest at a time. Used towels may be exchanged for a new one at the towel stand.

However, you can help us help the environment!

The Water Park of America encourages our guests to conserve by bringing a towel for each guest during your next visit. Groups are required to bring towels for each event. If you have a more detailed question about the towel policy for group events, please contact the Group Sales Manager.

Q: Do you have changing rooms and lockers?

A: Yes, changing rooms are provided complimentary.

Lockers are available at a $7.00 per locker, per day rental fee, there will be a $20.00 fee if the locker key is not returned. Credit Cards are the only form of payment that Water Park of America accepts for locker rentals.

Lockers are approximately one cubic foot. We suggest one locker per three people. Heavy coats, backpacks, and other bulky items take up a lot of space in the locker. If at all possible, please keep bulky items at home or in the car. The Water Park of America does not assume liability for items left unattended in the water park; this includes unattended gifts left on birthday party tables.

Q: Does my child need a water park pass?

A: All persons entering the water park must pay the daily admission fee with the exception of children 11 months and under. Children 11 months and younger will receive a complimentary Child's Admission and must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: I'm attending as a chaperone, do I need a water park pass?

A: All persons entering the water park must pay the daily admission fee, however a discounted "Spectator Admission" is available every date the water park is open.

The only exception to the admission fee requirement is for children 11 months and under. Children 11 months and younger will receive a complimentary Child's Admission and must be accompanied by an adult.

For birthday parties, any extra people beyond the 8 included in the standard birthday party package must purchase a wristband, or have it added to the order for the birthday party. All guests entering the park must purchase a wristband in some way, shape, or form.

Q: What is the Assumption of Risk Waiver?

A: There is a certain level of risk of personal injury involved in participation of some activities in the water park. We require that our guests sign this document acknowledging that they understand and accept these risks prior to entry into the water park.

Q: Is there a difference in price for children vs. adults?

A: Children 11 months and under receive complimentary admission with a paid adult. Admission pricing is the same for everyone else, ages 12 months and older.

Q: What is the admission price?

A: Admission prices vary daily, and by type of admission.

Standard types of admission:

  • Full Day Admission: Valid from open until close
  • Half Day (AM) Admission: Valid from open until 4pm
  • Half Day (PM) Admission: Valid from 4pm until close
  • Spectator "Dry Pass" Admission: Valid for the same hours as other passes purchased for that date

Note: Half Day AM & PM passes may not be available on every date the water park is open. Water park days and hours of operation also vary, and are influenced by school schedules and holidays.

Q: What is the air/water temperature?

A: Both are kept around 83 degrees, year round, with the air temperature usually one degree higher than the water. It's always sunny and warm inside Water Park of America, no matter what Minnesota weather decides to throw at us!

Q: Where is the hotel front desk?

A: The Radisson Bloomington Hotel and Water Park of America are located inside the same building at:

1700 American Blvd. E
Bloomington, MN 55425

The hotel lobby is located on the south side of the building. The front desk is located to the right as you enter through the building from the south.

The Water Park of America lobby is located on the east side of the building. The water park ticketing and will-call desks are located straight ahead on the right as you enter the building from the east.

Q: What should I do if I lose someone from my group?

A: Go directly to the first aid station in the water park, located between Camp Many Point and the towel room so that we can assist you in locating your missing person or group.

Q: What is the deepest point of water in the park?

A: 5 ft. in the wave pool when the waves are turned off, and 7 ft. at the highest peak of the waves when they are turned on.

Q: Do you have life jackets?

A: Yes, they are located in the towel room free of charge. See a Pool Attendant during your visit for more details.

Q: Can I bring my own flotation device?

A: Only if it is Coast Guard approved. Arm floaties, inflatable rings, noodles and most one-piece life jacket/suits are not Coast Guard approved and are not allowed in the park.

Q: Do you sell food or beverages in the water park?

A: Yes, guests have access to Camp Many Point which serves typical food such as pizza, sandwiches, chicken, salads, fruit, and various drinks (including beer for guests 21 years of age or older). Guests also have access to the Sleepy Eye Café, which serves coffee, ice cream, donuts, muffins and various other snacks.

Q: Where can I buy alcohol?

A: Alcohol is available to guests 21 years of age and older in the following locations:

  • Camp Many Point sells beer in plastic bottles
  • Split Rock Grille offers a full bar. Guests may bring beverages from Split Rock Grille into the water park, but the beverages MUST be in a plastic container. Glass is not allowed inside the water park.

Camp Many Point is accessible from directly within the water park, Split Rock Grille is located in the southwest corner of the building, beyond the hotel lobby.

Q: Can I bring a stroller inside?

A: No. Due to the high traffic in the park and the downward slope towards the center, strollers are not allowed as a safety policy.

Q: Do you have a phone I can use?

A: Phones are available for short calls in the first aid station and in the water park lobby. If you anticipate needing to make several phone calls during your visit, a cell phone kept in a locker would be advisable.

To reach a hotel room, dial 7 and then the room number. To dial out, push 9 - 1 - the area code - and the phone number.

Q: Where are the restrooms?

A: Restrooms are located in the locker rooms (directly behind the water park front desk), and beside Camp Many Point.

Q: How many lifeguards do you have on at a time?

A: Assuming all attractions in the park are open, typically between 18 and 21 guards are on duty at one time. This varies depending on guest attendance numbers.

For the safety of our guests, our lifeguards are required to maintain current American Red Cross, First Aid, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer certifications.

Q: Are there height/age requirements for the rides?

A: Yes, the requirements vary by ride as follows:

  • Tube Slides: Riders must be at least 48 inches tall. If they are not; they can still ride as long as they are with an adult, they are wearing a life jacket, and they can hold the tube handles themselves. However, riders under 48 inches are not allowed to sit on the adult's lap (they must sit in the front end of the tube, and have the adult behind them).
  • Body Slides: All ages and heights are welcome to use these. Anything that has the potential to scratch the slides such as lifejackets, necklaces, shorts with zippers, etc. are not allowed.
  • Family Raft Ride: Riders under 48 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult, wearing a lifejacket, and must be able to hold the raft handles themselves. Lap-sitting is not allowed.
  • FlowRider®: Riders must be taller than the Body board (42") to participate in Body Surfing. Riders must be taller than the Flow Board (52") to participate in Stand-up Surfing.
Q: Will I have to wait in line very long for the rides?

A: The lines for attractions vary depending on how busy the park is, similar to other theme parks. Our lifeguards work hard to keep lines moving as quickly as is safely possible.

Q: Do I need to order wristbands ahead of time?
A: You do not have to purchase your water park passes ahead of time, however, it is advised that you do so. When you purchase in advance, your entry into the water park is guaranteed on dates when the water park reaches its maximum capacity and admission is halted for walk-in guests.

Please note: Online water park pass sales are non-refundable, non-transferable, and date-specific, so be sure you purchase passes for the correct date.

Q: If I exit the water park can I get back in without paying again?

A: Yes! As long as you're wearing a wristband, you may exit and enter the water park freely, during the hours for which your wristband is valid.

Q: Can we rent swimsuits?

A: We do not have swimsuits available for rental.

Q: How old does my child need to be to enter the Water Park without an adult?

A: Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult age 18 years or older while visiting the water park. Children age 13-17 may enter the park without an adult, but MUST have the Assumption of Risk Waiver signed by an adult who is 18 years of age or older prior to entering the park.

The Assumption of Risk Waiver is available at the water park entrance.

Q: Are tubes provided?

A: Tubes are provided free of charge. However, a limited amount of tubes are in circulation for safety purposes. Guests must keep tubes in the river, or be using them on the tube slides. All other tubes must remain in the water for the fairness of all guests.

Q: Who do I talk to about booking a group or birthday?

A: Birthdays Info Line: 844-831-6324

You may also submit a Birthday information and/or quote request on this website from our Birthday Party page.

For information on meetings or group events, visit our Meetings and Groups page or call Group Sales at 844-831-6325

Q: Do you have wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) at the water park?

A: Yes, there is complimentary wireless internet throughout the Radisson Hotel and water park.